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Vermilion Tim Hortons Donates To KidSport

From left, Tim Hortons Manager Rommel Mandocdoc, Team Members Flor Rolheiser, Chelsea Isaac, Jasmin Pingul, Joana Coronado, Tim Hortons Owner Greg Whitney, and KidSport Vermilion Representative Bari Hlus. Photo Lorna Hamilton

The Vermilion Tim Hortons continues to show its support for the community by participating in the Smile Cookie campaign each year. The campaign raises funds for local charities and organizations across Canada by selling cookies with a smiley face design for just one week.

This year, Vermilion Tim Hortons donated $3349.63 to KidSport-Vermilion, an organization that provides grant funding for children under the age of 18 to cover registration and/or equipment costs for sports and physical activities.

Since its inception in 1996, the Smile Cookie campaign has raised millions of dollars for various charitable organizations across Canada. Vermilion Tim Hortons, locally owned and operated by Greg Whitney, has been donating the proceeds from the campaign to KidSport-Vermilion since the beginning. Whitney stated, “that they plan to continue doing so in the future as it’s a great program.” The donation made this year was the largest yet, and Whitney attributed the success of the campaign to community involvement and the hard work of his staff.

“I am thankful for all the support from Vermilion and surrounding areas; this isn’t possible without them, and I would also like to thank my staff for all the hard work they put into this campaign each year,” commented Whitney

KidSport Vermilion has been operating for more than 17 years and has provided grant funding to many children in the community. Bari Hlus, a representative from KidSport-Vermilion, expressed her gratitude towards the Tim Hortons in Vermilion for their yearly donations. She stated that the donation received helps pay registrations for children in lower-income families and encourages interested families to check out their website as they can fill out an application online or visit the town office where they can pick up an applicationThe Smile Cookie campaign is a great way for communities to come together and support local charities and organizations. Last year, the campaign raised a record-breaking $15 million for over 600 charities, hospitals, and community groups across Canada. The Vermilion Tim Hortons’ donation to KidSport-Vermilion is a testament to the generosity of the community and the commitment of local businesses to support the well-being of their fellow citizens.


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