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Vermilion Welcomes New Business, Studio 04

From left, Councillor Robert Pulyk, Councillor Paul Conlon, Studio 04 owner Shaelyn Young, Mayor Greg Throndson, and Councillor Joshua Rayment. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Vermilion’s very own Shaelyn Young has made a bold step into the world of entrepreneurship. On March 27th, the 18-year-old opened the doors to her new business, Studio 04, located in the heart of Vermilion at 4934 50 Ave in the Elevation Boutique building. Members of the Vermilion Town Council were present at the opening ceremony to show their support for Shaelyn, presenting her with a welcome plaque and joining in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Studio 04 specializes in permanent jewelry, such as bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and rings for women, men, and children. Shaelyn received her training from a company in the U.S., where she completed online training and performed the making of permanent jewelry to become certified.

When asked about her inspiration for starting her own business, Shaelyn shared, “I saw how popular permanent jewelry was on social media and I thought it would be cool to do. I researched it and realized it wasn’t a difficult business to get into, and I always wanted to start my own business.”

The pricing for each permanent jewelry item is based on the length of the 14k gold, gold-filled, or sterling silver chain used and whether or not the client would like a pendant to go on their jewelry. The price can start at $10 and up per inch, with solid gold being an exception.

The welding process used to create permanent jewelry is done with a specialized welding machine that is designed for fragile metals. The process is safe, as the spark generated during the process is not of high temperature, and the customer will not feel anything during the procedure. There is no risk to the customer, even if their skin comes into contact with the weld point, as the electrode will not generate a spark. The chains used during the process are thin enough to last but not thick enough to cause harm to the wearer in the event that it becomes caught on an object. The jewelry can always be re-welded, and aftercare can be used to maintain the integrity of the link.

While permanent jewelry is designed for everyday wear and can last for months without needing to be cleaned, it is still fine jewelry and not invincible. There are situations where the jewelry may need to be removed for a medical procedure or MRI. In this event, the jewelry can be re-welded as long as it is properly removed.

Appointments can be made and pricing can be found on Shaelyn’s website, Young is flexible and can work around the schedules of her clients. “If someone can only do an evening appointment, all they would have to do is contact me, and we can work out a time that works best for them,” said Young.

The opening of Studio 04 has shown that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s dreams. Young’s passion and dedication to her craft have led her to create a business that offers something unique and innovative to the community of Vermilion.


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