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Volunteers Save The Field For The Marauders Final Game

Volunteer parents from left to right, Paul Corbiere, Kyle Herzog, Terri Herzog, Mel Dary, Deirren Dary-Reid. Photo Braxton Hoare

Monday, November 15, late evening, the Town Of Vermilion was doused in a thick blanket of snow. For the Mauraders this snow came only a few days too early, as their final game was to take place on Thursday, November 18.

In order to allow the kids to finish off their season (many of whom would be graduating) a small group of volunteers offered their help to clear the field. Mel Dary and other volunteer parents including Kyle Herzog, Paul Corbiere &and Derek Sargeant proceeded to clear the entire field with only a couple of quads. According to Mel Dary, manager, “it took the entire afternoon on Tuesday to clear out that snow”.

Their effort did not go unnoticed as people around town began to chip in. Glynn MacDonald provided a quad for the use of clearing snow. Local businesses and farmers volunteered their lights for the game including Kelly Konieczny, Rock Solid, Brian Klutz, Dana Billar, Snelgrove Construction, Stan Richards, Jared Harder, Dorcey & Trevor Cusack. One business, UFA, even went as far as to provide and deliver shelters for the players to sit and stay warm in.

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