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‘A Classic Christmas’

Grade 5 students played a version of 'Jingle Bells' on recorders during the Vermilion Elementary School Christmas Concert on December 22. Photo Angela Mouly

Carolling in triumphant fashion, Vermilion Elementary School (VES) held their Grade 4 - 5 Christmas Concert at the Lakeland College Alumni Theatre on December 22.

Grade 5 students were able to plan the concert, choosing their favorite versions of songs, the theme, actions, and props for the event. Each year, the Grade 5 students take on these responsibilities as well as having all the speaking parts.

“They love it so much because they get to plan it,” said Music Director, Karen King.

The VES Choir kicked off the concert. Grades 4 and 5 each sang 5 songs along with a couple of carols performed by both grades together. Emcee’s shared the history and origins of each song; some dating back to the 1500’s. Several musical instruments were incorporated including recorders, boomwhackers, bells, drums, and spoons. Antlers and several others props made for extra entertainment.

Having planned a fabulous concert, the students also really appreciate Ms. King’s direction.

"Ms. King helps us be better at music by encouraging us to do our best. She lets us choose our songs and actions for the Christmas Concert. There are lots of chances to do things like play recorders, sing and have speaking parts if you want," said a Grade 5C student.

Having practiced since Remembrance Day, the students were eager to perform for their families; sharing all they had learned.

Memorable moments from music classes, included watching videos of ‘America’s Got Talent’ winner, Grace VanderWaal; who is a 12-year-old singer, songwriter, and ukeleleist from New York.

“The children were really excited about listening to her,” said King.

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