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Vermilion Airport Unveils Fresh Signage

New sign. Photo submitted

In an upgrade to the Vermilion Airport, a new sign has been installed, ushering in a modern era while preserving a touch of aviation history.

Constructed in 1975 under the auspices of the Alberta province, and passed on to the Town of Vermilion in 1976 the Vermilion Airport has served as a vital hub for the region. Over the decades, the signage marking its entrance has weathered the passage of time, until it became weathered and barely legible, particularly under the glare of the sun.

Concerned by the deteriorating state of the sign, the Airport Advisory Committee took action. Despite initial setbacks due to funding constraints, a collaborative effort ensued. The Vermilion Flying Club, comprising 20 passionate members, spearheaded the initiative, supplemented by the generous contributions of corporate sponsors such as Balairus Fuels, Hancraft Aero, and Rusylvia Transport.

Pooling their resources, the Flying Club and its partners raised the necessary funds to procure and install a new sign. The community spirit was palpable as Club members, with assistance from local businesses, orchestrated the logistics of the project.

Decals and Signs Obsessions in Vermilion were tasked with crafting the new signage, approved by Vermilion’s Chief Administrative Officer, Kevin Lucas. Once completed, the town maintenance staff facilitated the installation, ensuring the new sign stood proudly at the entrance to the airport.

In a serendipitous twist, local farmer and pilot Jim Mead emerged as a custodian of history. Upon learning of the impending disposal of an older version of the airport sign, Mead intervened, rescuing it. Today, this relic finds a new home at Hancraft Aero, serving as a nostalgic reminder of the airport’s journey through time.

As the new sign adorns the entrance to the Vermilion Airport, it symbolizes not just a physical enhancement, but a testament to the enduring community spirit and commitment to preserving aviation heritage.

As part of the Flying Club’s commitment to bringing awareness of the importance of the Vermilion Airport, it will hold a Fly In Pancake Breakfast for Father’s Day.

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