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Canadian Mounted Shooting Power Couple

Duncan MacMillan. Photo submitted

“It was the toughest year of my life, but the most fun!” said local rancher, Duncan MacMillan, who is the 2016 Canadian Overall Champion of the Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CCMSA).

After suffering heart problems last winter, MacMillan had two stints put in January of 2016, but throughout the year was able to make a miraculous comeback and continue competing.

“I made a full recovery and then some. I don’t know how long I’ll stay fixed, but I’m going to have fun while it’s working,” said MacMillan.

Beginning the year as a Level 3 Shooter, MacMillan was able to acquire enough points to move up to the Level 4 Division. By the end of the year, he not only earned the spot of the Senior Men’s 4 Champion, but also Rifle Reserve Champion, Shotgun Champion, and Canadian Overall Champion.

“It’s quite an honour at my age to take the Overall,” said MacMillan.

Jean MacMillan. Photo submitted

With a new lease on life, and a shiny new buckle, MacMillan has no plans on slowing down.He and his wife, Jean will be heading to Arizona to attend clinics and condition their horses for a month before taking in some of the major American shoots. MacMillan is also in the process of starting a new horse, so he can continue to compete for a while.

Also a force to be reckoned with, Jean is the 2016 Senior Ladies Level 3 Champion.

“Jean is down to earth and enjoys the more grass roots parts of competing including the horses, travelling, and visiting with the other ladies in her division,” said MacMillan.

Duncan thrives on high pressure situations which is perhaps why he does so well in competition.

“The more lights, the more glory; I just get steadier when there is more pressure involved. Others tend to let their nerves get in the way,” said MacMillan.

MacMillan shares a passion for family and ranching as well as competitive shooting.

“I love the extreme difference going from a quiet day feeding cows and stepping two days later into high powered arena; I love both scenarios. It’s a commitment to keep the ranch running with 275 head of cattle and compete. As long as I am able do both, I’m going to continue doing both as long as I can,” said MacMillan.

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