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Vermilion’s Alison Jackson Training For Belgium

Professional Cyclist, Alison Jackson, poses doing a handstand.

Photo credit: Alex Jackson @ajcmedia.

Professional Cyclist, Alison Jackson nee Farkash will face an exciting weekend of racing in Belgium starting February 25.

Jackson will have between 60 – 80 race days this year, and spends much of the year training and travelling. She is currently representing the BePink Cogeas professional cycling team in Italy.

"The most prestigious race I won with my team last year was the Team Time Trial - Stage 2 at the Amgen Tour of California, which is a Women’s World Tour event. I also won the high paying Whistler Gran Fondo, and a couple of races in France.

I was the alternate for the 2016 Olympic team and would like to improve my ranking so that I can qualify and represent Canada in Tokyo 2020,” said Jackson of her recent accomplishments and long term goals in cycling.

Jackson went on to say that ballet and gymnastics were activities she did when she was young, and still considers them to be really fun. She finds that involving herself in other activities besides cycling gives her life a lot of balance.

“I have a lot of different thoughts and values that I come back to when racing gets hard to motivate me or inspire me to keep going. One of those is simply the drive to win; to accomplish something whole - something that took your whole body, mind and spirit to accomplish,” said Jackson when asked what pushes or inspires her during a race.

Jackson has a lot of great memories from growing up on a farm near Vermilion. She remembers involving herself in as many sports as possible, and attending and helping to create many crazy - fun youth events that at the Parkview Alliance Church.

Jackson attributes her work ethic to her background in agriculture and rural living.

“You aren't going to get anywhere, or grow anything, or make any money without working for it and working hard; never quitting,” said Jackson.

Travelling for training and racing almost 11 months of the year, Jackson values technology and uses multiple forms to stay connected with friends and family.

Jackson suggests for young athletes to both work hard and have fun, and admitted that hard work isn’t always fun.

“Be thankful; a good attitude goes a long, long, long way. Also, for those young athletes in Vermilion - yes it is a small town, and maybe there is more opportunity elsewhere, but that is not your limiter. Keep practicing, continue learning, work hard and be thankful. I didn't find my sport or become a professional until I was 25 years old. I just keep trying new things, perfecting what I already knew and prayerfully asking God to show me the way," said Jackson.

To follow Alison Jackson’s cycling career, you can visit,, or follow her on Instagram: @triactionjackson.

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