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Dutchak’s Greenhouses – A Family Affair

The aroma of summer flowers in bloom filled the air at the Dutchak Greenhouse like a cloud of perfume last week, while happy customers and gardens gurus wandered freely shopping with a cup of house coffee in hand.

Gardening runs deep in the Dutchak family roots. The greenhouse and flower business, located 3.5 kilometers north of Vermilion on Highway 41, has been in existence now for 40 years.

Owner Jill Dutchak keeps her greenhouse blooming all summer.

Owner Jill Dutchak said that gardening began at the Dutchak’s family farm with her husband Kevin’s mother.

“My husband’s mother died young when he was a teenager and it was Nadine who started the flower business; she used to grow her own flowers outside of the old farm house and built her first greenhouse in 1978. Everything was always designed in a pattern outside; she had a true passion for flowers.

I never got to meet her sadly. My husband’s father kept the place going until myself and Kevin took over 12 years ago and here we are today.

Summer garden flowers and plants bloom in bright colours and varieties at the Dutchak’s Greenhouse north of Vermilion on Highway 41.

Photos Marie Conboy

It’s definitely a job you need to have a passion for; it’s relaxing work, and it’s a happy feeling to see all the work you have done coming into bloom at this time of year, and for me, it’s all about seeing people enjoying it. The community has been so supportive, even on opening day when there was rain, snow, and sleet we had a huge crowd.

I couldn’t do this without my husband, and he couldn’t run the farm without me, we are a team,” said Jill.

The Dutchak’s Greenhouse is open for business with more colours and more varieties after expanding the size of their greenhouse this year. Not only is colorful foliage available, but the texture these plants provide can add drama and depth to your plantings. Easy gardening starts with a vast array of annuals including great foliage plants.

“Some people just come out here to pet the cats or feed the chickens, and it gives me pleasure to see the smiles on their faces. We try to grow as much as we can from seed, and then we order in the new plants in the form of plugs or slips, and we start them like that. One of our favorite part is teaching people how to plant their pots and gardens,” said Dutchak.

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