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East-West Carriage Driving Trials

Christine King with her horse, Bella, at the East-West Carriage Driving Trials in Vermilion on June 10.

The East-West Chapter of the Alberta Carriage Driving Association held Driving Trials in Vermilion on June 10 – 11.

Horses and their drivers competed in events including dressage, cones, and a marathon.

“There are different levels of competition, and it is mainly about conditioning your horse. It’s all about getting better. I think this particular show is a good learning opportunity. New drivers or drivers that like to bring their new horses come because it offers a really relaxed environment,” said Tammy Hampel, from McLaughlin, who has been driving 17 years.

She went on to say that though she never did, some people grow up in the sport, learning from their grandparents. She also mentioned that some competitors find it less intimidating than riding.

“It’s one way of doing one more thing with your horse, and you can see horses from miniatures to drafts competing in the same game. I like horses period. When my kids were little, it was an activity that I could take them with me and safely and comfortably supervise them,” said Hampel.

The East-West Chapter held a silent and live auction at the event, as well as hosted a banquet and games in the evening. Participants enjoyed the social event, as well as spending time with their horses.

“It’s so much fun! The cones offer a bit of an adrenaline rush and the marathon is challenging,” said Irma’s Christine King.

Left: Kendra Gale completing a dressage patter at the Driving Trials in Vermilion on June 10.

Right: Kendra Gale completing the cones event at the Driving Trials in Vermilion on June 10. Photos Angela Mouly

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