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Vermilion Army Cadet Awards

The 2645 Vermilion Army Cadets parade at the Vermilion Agricultural Grounds on June 17.

The 2645 Vermilion Army Cadets, Loyal Edmonton Regiment, held a parade and awards ceremony at the Vermilion Agricultural Grounds on June 17.

The corps saw 15 – 20 cadets this year with children aged 12 – 18. A couple of the local members will be attending cadet camp in Whitehorse this summer.

Lt.-Col. Rob Tesselaar shared his feelings of Cadets being an excellent program, giving children opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills.

“Whether or not you choose a life in uniform, it sets you up for success. The corps in Vermilion did an excellent job preparing for their parade today,” said Tesselaar.

The Vic Tillet Memorial Award was presented to Cpl. Johnson. Training Officers Recognition was given to Sgt. Moyen. Best Overall was awarded to Warrant Officer Gannon. The Command Officers Award for Diversity was awarded to Sgt. Yaceyko. The Captain Henry’s Award for Leadership along with a Commanding Officer’s Coin was awarded to Chief Warrant Officer Thomas.

“The skills you learn today will help you throughout the rest of your life. Congratulations on making the effort and commitment needed to be a cadet,” said Tesselaar

From left, Legion President Garry Zayac, R.S.M. Bryce Thomas, Capt. Peter Albert, Lt.-Col. Rob Tesselaar, Warrant Officer Rob Lemay, and Legion Vice President Wayne Freestone at the Cadet Award Ceremony in Vermilion on June 17. Photos Angela Mouly

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