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Wainwright Stampede

Rodeo fans and spectators who travelled to this year’s Wainwright Stampede were not disappointed.

Organizers of the 2017 Wainwright Stampede said that there was an average turn on the first two nights and a large turn-out on Saturday, which ran June 22-25.

The Emergency Medical Services ambulance were called upon after a bull stomped on a bull rider’s abdomen on the opening night of the Wainwright Stampede. The rider had no serious injury and walked off afterwards.

Photos Marie Conboy

A loose bull caused a stir and stalled the show briefly, startling many to jump out of the way to safety when he broke from his pen. The bull was rounded up and no one was hurt.

Dewberry’s chuckwagon driver Chance Bensmiller said he tried out some new horses searching for the best fast combinations to win.

Steer Wrestlers battle to hold on for the big prize money at Wainwright Stampede.

Over the first three days Wayne Knight was leading the aggregate with the overall fastest laps, followed by Dallas Dyck in close second, and BJ Cary in third position.

See next week’s issue for Stampede final results.

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