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British Soccer Camp

Back row from left, Alyx Durocher, Logan Tupper, Tayla Zacharias, and Alphie Sutton.

Front row from left, Keyonna Zacharias, Zack McKenzie, Grace Freeman, Logan Freeman, and Joy Freeman. Photo Angela Mouly

Encouraging the growth of the sport, the Vermilion Soccer Association hosted a Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp from July 3 - 7.

The camp welcomed coach, Alyx Durocher from Ardrossan, and coach, Alfie Sutton from Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom.

Sutton said that he learned to play soccer as soon as he could stand and that the program was created to bring the soccer culture of the United Kingdom to Canada; developing the programs here for later years.

“The British Soccer Camps are good for getting children outdoors and involved, more active, and bringing the community together. Staying in the homes of host families, I have had the opportunity to experience Canadian culture, and enjoyed working with the children,” said Sutton.

Sutton is on a two-year Visa and plans to begin work in Banff or Whistler later this year.

With a majority of the participants being young, much of the camp was focused around the discipline of the sport, learning respect for the referees, and learning to socialize in a team environment. Participants also enjoyed learning the Cruyff Turn which is a famous skill named after Johan Cruyff.

“When the referees talk, players need to listen and not argue with them. Alfie made games extra fun!” said participant, Logan Tupper.

Some of the games practiced during the camp included a foot version of dodge-ball, and lava tag. With the hot summer sun, several water breaks provided relief. Each participant was thrilled to receive a soccer ball and a t-shirt.

“My favourite part was hanging out with teammates during free time,” said participant, Grace Freeman.

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