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Curling With Shanghai

From left, the Lakeland College Curling Team, and the University of Shanghai Curling Team in Vermilion on February 8.

Photo Angela Mouly

Lakeland College hosted students from the University of Shanghai for two exhibition curling games in Vermilion on February 8.

Organized by Augustana College’s Roger Galanza, the students from Shanghai got to experience their first time in Alberta. Students from both schools made the most of the games by interacting with one another, sharing team members and even a meal together.

University of Shangai coach, Daniel Charette said, “Curling is a relationship sport. It is a sport of detail.”

Charette noted that the experience was beneficial due to limited curling opportunities available in Shanghai. He also mentioned that they have shown improvement, have good sliding technique and are now working on mental and pre-game preparation.

Lakeland College coach, Dusty Makichuk, noted that his team includes three students attending the Lloydminster campus, but that Vermilion is the home club. With the students being the same age and education level, the games provided the experience of bringing together two different cultures and learning each others’ strategy.

“We don’t get the opportunity very often to play international students. Hopefully, this connection will provide further opportunities for both Lakeland and Shanghai. More so than the score, it’s all about building a relationship. It’s something they’ll remember forever,” said Makichuk.

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