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“Buckshot And Blossoms”

With the clomping of hooves and the crack of a whip, the curtains opened for the 13th Annual Dewberry Dinner Theatre on April 20 – 21, at Dewberry Hall.

Performing “Buckshot and Blossoms” for their first year in the new Dewberry Hall, the crowd was kept in stitches with a Wild West show. According to Director, Cheryl Nawrot, the event has raised over $35,000 over the years which has contributed to several community events and activities. Two cards on each table decided the dinner order with a roast beef meal by Coleen’s Catering.

Sixteen area cast members had been practicing since December and Arnell Dennill said, “I love being involved with all of the people in the theatre group. I enjoy the feeling of achievement that comes when the play is finished and you hear the applause from the audience.”

Detailed set and costumes fit the time period, and lively saloon music helped set the mood. The anti-gun play was set in the town of Trail Dust, Arizona, and the cast worked to figure out who was the rightful heir of a Copper Mine, keeping the audience entertained with commitment to their characters and authentic drawl.

“We were blown away with the support and the number of people who attended. There would be no show if no one came to watch. We never know what parts people are going to react to, and we love that they enjoyed it. We would like to thank the community for their participation and volunteer support; it’s a whole team that makes this work,” said Nawrot.

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