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Tim Hortons Camp Day

Hundreds of people visited the Vermilion Tim Hortons on June 6, in support of their 7th Annual Camp Day. Mayor Caroline McAuley, Councillor Justin Thompson, and Northern Light’s Realty’s Ron Roth suited up and volunteered to serve customers. The staff also volunteered to wash car windows for customers as a way to help raise extra funds. “It was awesome! We were able to raise funds for children, and the amount of children that benefit from Camp Day is amazing. The facilities at Kananaskis are excellent, and the camp is a great opportunity for children to interact and come out of their shell. They have the opportunity to experience things they wouldn’t normally get to experience, and the counsellors are outstanding,” said Owner, Greg Whitney. “They say having positive role models makes such a difference in the lives of children,” said Mayor Caroline McAuley. Overall, the community showed great support and enjoyed the opportunity to support a good cause.

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