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UFA Farmer’s Day

Approximately 500 people gathered to celebrate Farmer’s Day at Vermilion UFA on June 8. The barbeque event continues to grow each year, and patrons enjoyed hamburgers, homemade pie and ice cream. “It was delicious,” said Alison Crooks. The enthusiasm continued with live music by Ray Blackmore and Friends. Vendors included Old School Cheesery Ltd., and Flint Farms Honey. “Farmers and ranchers are such a fundamental part of our economy, and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. I have worked with UFA for the past four years, and I’m familiar with Vermilion as I often came duck hunting here as a child. At UFA we’re all about the grassroots. As a cooperative company being owned by the farmers, there is a real sense of community,” said Chief Financial Officer, Scott Bolton, who came from Calgary. According to Bolton they are hoping to keep the event growing in the future. Vermilion Delegate, Trent Selte said, “We should all appreciate Jack Rehill for his commitment to UFA for over 40 years. His loyalty to the customers and community should be recognized and endeared. It’s people with character like that that it takes to succeed.”

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