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Vermilion Artist Contender For - Art Battle 2018 Canadian Championship

Bhavesh Gajjar has been living and working in Vermilion since 2015, and will represent Alberta during the Art Battle National Finals in Toronto on July 26. Art Battle is an organization which holds regional and provincial competitions with the winners being selected for the national finals. Any artist can apply for art-battle online at, and then local organizers select the final 12 artists for the regional events. In each competition, there are 12 artists and two rounds each lasting 20 minutes. Two winners from each round then compete for the championship for another 20 minutes during a final round. Winners from every round are decided by public vote. “I was selected during Art Battle Edmonton two times and was competing against such talented artists from the Edmonton area. One of the artists there was Monica To who is also from Vermilion and a very amazing being, and a talented artist. One thing I must mention is that I am feeling so proud to have the opportunity to represent Alberta - and this little gem named Vermilion! I love this town and feel so lucky; I will be telling people in Toronto that I belong to Vermilion,” said Bhavesh Gajjar.

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