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Mick Flannery - Folk Club

The Vermilion Legion was plumb full on July 24, as Mick Flannery performed for the Vermilion Folk Club. All the way from Blarney, Ireland, Flannery captivated the audience, playing left-handed guitar and keyboard. “I mostly write sad songs about my own life, and you don’t have to clap for my self-involvement,” joked Flannery. Though the lyrics were full of sorrow, the audience enjoyed his comical interludes. His songs oozed raw feeling and were balanced with an eerie loftiness. “Mick Flannery has an insightful and golden voice,” said Vermilion Folk Club’s Rod MacMillan. “I was surprised at the amount of people, and they were very nice,” said Flannery about his time in Vermilion. Before the night was through, Flannery received a standing ovation. Earlier in the day, the Folk Club had held a fundraiser at the Cornerstone Co-op Food Store. “The fundraiser was a way to get out in the community, and the Co-op was very accommodating. Thank you also to the community for the overwhelming support,” said Tricia Smith and Rita Barr.

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