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McDonald’s Family Foods Fourth Anniversary

McDonald’s Family Foods was bustling with activity from September 6 to 8 as they celebrated their fourth anniversary. On Thursday evening, September 6, the store kicked off their celebration with a barbeque. The food of choice was either a hot dog or a hamburger, chips, and a drink, all for only $5. The Friday evening brought a Beef on a Bun supper, served with a salad, and a drink, also for $5. To end their anniversary celebration on Saturday McDonald’s Family Foods offered coffee and cake for free to attendees. All proceeds from the Beef on a Bun, and the barbeque were split equally between St. Jerome’s and Vermilion Elementary School Hot Lunch Programs, as well as the Senior Centre. The equal amount was $750 to each organization. Also included in the celebration were savings at the local store. McDonald’s Family Foods offered a 15 per cent savings on items including grocery, produce, fresh meat, deli, frozen, bakery, flyer, and in-store specials. “We’ve had great support,” said Angie McDonald. “Vermilion has treated us well these past four years.”

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