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J.R. Robson And VES Terry Fox Run

J.R. Robson School (J.R.) and Vermilion Elementary School teamed up this year gathering at VES to take part in the Terry Fox Run on September 26. Approximately 500 students and staff members participated, and enjoyed the comradery of watching a video and walking or running together. “I’m super excited with VES and J.R. coming together this year in support of the Terry Fox Run. This is an awesome opportunity for students to see leadership from others and realize that they can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Our VES Spirit Team helped promote it as a service project of theirs,” said VES teacher, Adrienne Joa.

During the video, students were reminded that Terry Fox was diagnosed at age 18, and after spending a year and a half on chemotherapy, he began his coast to coast run. The video shared that he ran 42 kilometers every day (the length of a full marathon) through wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Though he did not complete his journey, children across Canada take part in continuing his legacy each year. VES teacher, Greg Haslehurst, said that in preparing for the event learning about Terry Fox, that students were inspired to set their own goals. “It was awesome; a really great experience having both schools participate together. We hope to continue something like this in the future,” said J.R. teacher, Nicole Polishuk.

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