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  • Caylie Gnyra

St. Jerome’s Holds School Carnival

Photos Caylie Gynra

Pulsing lights, pumping music, and the smell of popcorn in the air all set the scene for St. Jerome’s Catholic School’s annual carnival on the evening of Thursday, March 7. Scores of children hopped, danced, and wiggled in line in anticipation of games to be played and prizes to be won.

Grade 10 students in the Leadership 15 course had thoughtfully prepared numerous Shrek-themed games complete with hand-painted posters, including the Puss in Boots Card Battle, Humpty’s Plinko, Fiona’s Free Throw, and Shrek’s Swamp, along with the legendary Cake Walk. Volunteer staff and students from grades five through 12 assisted the grade 10 students with running the games in the gymnasium. Each child came away a winner from every game, whether taking home a previously loved toy or a small treat.

The event also featured nail painting, face painting, popcorn, cotton candy, candied apples, and more candy than parents had hands to hold. A silent auction garnered proceeds for the upcoming grade 12 graduation celebration, while a tea room offered a lower-stimulation reprieve from the bustle of the main event. The tea room was hosted by the grade six students, who were raising money for an overnight field trip to Drumheller for their science class.

The lost and found corner was a particularly useful touch for locating lost children amid a sea of friendly faces.

Little ones came away from the event blissed out from the games, the Shrek soundtrack, the sugar high, and the chance to see friends from outside their own school.

The Leadership course has a small budget that allowed it to cover the initial costs of the carnival. All of the money from the carnival goes back into the Leadership program, and may be used to support the school’s sports teams, pay for guest speakers, or send students to the Alberta Student Leadership Conference.

“For the most part, it’s the kids that transformed the gym and they were the ones running it that night. The grade 10s found high school and junior high volunteers and teachers to work shifts throughout the night,” said carnival coordinator Cain Collins.“I’d like to make sure everyone gets credit for all the work they did—all of the staff support, all of the student volunteers from outside the grade 10 class, and of course the grade 10s.”

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