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7th Annual Snowmobile Expo

The Vermilion Ridge Riders held their 7th Annual Snowmobile Expo at the Vermilion Regional Centre on December 1. Hundreds of people from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan attended, and were excited to check out 104 vintage snowmobiles, as well as check out new machines and gear. “The idea for this expo began as a way to get the club’s name out there and host something different. It started off small, and is getting bigger and bigger every year. Everyone grew up riding these old snowmobiles, and we like reliving the glory days! Some are very rare,” said Warren Young, Vermilion Ridge Riders president. The collection included a 1960 Polaris Sno-Traveler, and a whole section of old race snowmobiles. Young went on to say that most people enjoy riding snowmobiles for leisure, as a way to get away from the hustle and grind of life. “It is a great way to get out and do something in the winter. The more you do it, the more it turns into a passion,” said Young. Children and adults enjoyed checking out what snowmobile merchants including Baddock’s Power Products, Power & Leisure, NYX Powersports, Rec-Tech Power Products, OJ’s Leisure & Marine, and T&T Power Sports had to offer. During their first time at the expo, Lloydminster Power & Leisure Centre’s Shawn Dobni allowed guests to test out their SnowDog all-terrain utility machines. “The best part is that they are an all-season 4-stroke machine which act as a multi-purpose unit. They replace the need for both quad and snowmobile, and are a workhorse that you can use for hunting, fishing, farming, etc. and add multiple carts or sleds to,” said Dobni. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of being a member of the Vermilion Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club, and enter for the chance to win several door prizes. The Vermilion Ridge Riders plan to do some family rides this winter, and are looking forward to hosting drag races on January 27, at the Vermilion Airport.

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