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Local Author’s Upcoming Book Reading – ‘Unredeemed’

Local author, Dawn Flaata, will be hosting a book reading event for her new book, ‘Unredeemed,’ at the Vermilion Public Library at 6 p.m. on January 10. Writing under the pseudonym, J M Dolan, Flaata spent the past few years writing the mystery/suspense/thriller with a hint of romance. She is excited to present her book in the Vermilion area and said, “It’s a lot easier to talk about your work and present it to your local community because they are already invested and want to support you as soon as you walk in the door.” She recently presented it at the Mannville Public Library and was thankful for the support. “Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and had good questions and really good laughs,” said Flaata. Flaata managed her parent’s jewellery store in Vermilion for 20 years before working for the MP’s office for 10 years. She had written some in her 20’s, and decided that she wanted to try it again. She first published a short story in the magazine, ‘Our Canada’ before opting to write a book. “Half of getting started is getting started,” said Flaata. When she felt like she had compiled enough information, she asked at the Vermilion Public Library how to find an editor. After searching around, she met with fellow author and editor, Nancy Bell; and subsequently BWL Publishing. The book’s synopsis says, “Just when everything is going well in her life researcher Jamee Blair is forced to become an amateur detective after the live-in caregiver hired for her sister’s medical crisis, vanishes. To track down the truth of the missing caregiver, Jamee enlists the help of modern day highlander, Samuel Craig, a politician appointed investigator into human trafficking links to international organized crime. Together, Jamee and Sam embark on a disturbing search for Odessa and, as the mystery unfolds, they find themselves navigating the twists and turns of Canada’s seedy underground immigration. In this romantic thriller, the unlikely pair uncover a conspiracy that involves murder, assassins, spies and espionage.” ‘Unredeemed’ is available in print on Amazon or digitally online, and will be available in Vermilion in January. For more information, you can visit

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