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Dance Impressions – ADAPT

Dance Impressions by Ryan hosted Mr. Brian Foley and Mrs. Sandy Slemp, who led ADAPT syllabus workshops and examinations from December 14 - 16. Celebrating Dance Impressions’ 15th year of supporting the ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), its founder, Mr. Brian Foley, felt it was important to attend. Teacher, Miss Ryan Wilson, was very thankful for his leadership and said, “It is incredible to have Mr. Foley here. It is a treat to have him come to our studio in Vermilion, and that he is so supportive of us.” Mr. Foley sees 6,000 - 8,000 children from coast to coast at over 150 studios each year as well as in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Jakarta. He was expecting to see quality work from the students in Vermilion, because he always has in the past. “Dance is a universal language. It is really great to know that Miss Ryan is offering quality dance and quality life lessons; these children have always done very well in their exams. In this day and age, many children feel empowered without hard work, discipline, and life lessons having been learned and earned. Here, you earn the right to take your exam, and the children know the importance of goal setting and why they are participating; so there is no equal opportunity if they do not work for it. In all of the extracurricular activities, one thing about dance is that you may forget the mark you got, but you will never forget the process to achieve that mark. Dancers are trained to achieve their own personal potential and beyond. Without a doubt, Miss Ryan has maintained a very good quality of dance family and technique, and that’s why we enjoy coming to Vermilion,” said Mr. Foley.

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