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Jackrabbits Cross Country Skiing

The Jackrabbits cross country skiers meet weekly in Vermilion as part of a Canada-wide program. Ten-year old Jillayne Needham said, I love that when you are going down a hill you go really fast, and I like getting exercise and being outside.” “Jackrabbits is a real family thing, many parents and grandparents ski with us. I am very thankful to my volunteer helpers as there are 21 children registered. There are some pretty keen children!” said coordinator, Sandra Kathnelson. Heading out on the trails of the Vermilion Provincial Park, with icy conditions, they put safety first. After their warm up and cross country ski adventure, they enjoyed hot chocolate and snacks. The Jackrabbits meet each Sunday at the CN station at 1:30 p.m. The Vermilion Nordic Ski Club will be hosting the Beckie Scott Loppet on March 2.

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