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68th Annual Gideons Banquet

From left, Mighty Power Singers Andrew Yskes, Lieuwe Bruinsma, and Doug Mrochuk at the Gideons Banquet in Vermilion on March 25.

Approximately 100 people attended the 68th Annual Gideons Banquet, held at the Vermilion Regional Centre on March 25. Special Guests included the Mighty Power Singers, an acapella group from Edmonton; Ministry Training Specialist Derrick Mueller from Guelph, Ontario; and Andrew Fewell, the provincial Gideons representative from Calgary. Vermilion chapter president, Karl Vidal emceed the event and said, “It’s really heart warming how Gideons members are developing contacts and getting bibles out there globally. Locally, we continue delivering bibles to Grade 5 students at schools, hotels, and friends we make on the street.” Resources were also shared with guests including bibles, magazines on projects around the world, and app cards. After watching a video on the Samson Project in India, Ministry Training Specialist - Derrick Mueller said, “Samson previously collected 250,000 names of people who didn’t have a bible but wanted one. Gideons came alongside and raised funds through banquets like this one and last year provided the last installation of bibles. We have since launched a new project of 350,000 more bibles to work with local pastors collecting names for their congregations in India. There are also other projects in Chile and Peru for 13,000 bibles. In Africa, pastors share a bible with the people in the community; the people that get priority are those who are sick. One pastor noted that people fake being sick. Tonight we are fundraising to give hope, change lives, and make a difference.” Guests enjoyed a catered meal and went on to enjoy an evening of entertainment and fellowship. Through Gideons $5 can support a bible in another country. For more information you can visit or

From left, guest speakers Derrick Mueller, and Andrew Fewell at the 68th Annual Gideons Banquet in Vermilion. Photos Angela Mouly

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