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Stanley Motors

A previous Vermilion business, Stanley Motors, was celebrated as owner, Stan Kaziechko reminisced at the Vermilion Voice on April 23. Having grown up on a farm southwest of Vermilion, Kaziechko said that Ed Wasylik bought their land, and that he attended his last three years of high school in Vermilion. During the war from 1944 - 1945, he spent six months in the Cimarron Valley in the panhandle of Oklahoma. There he worked on a gravity meter crew where he worked in an office and went surveying which he liked better than working inside. He later returned to Alberta to work in St. Paul. Kaziechko then spent 13 and a half years working for Western Geophysical as a surveyor and a party manager. Using Edmonton as a central location, he looked after 17 crews and flew all over from Grande Prairie to Regina, etc. Growing tired of it, he returned to Vermilion. The current ATCO location was for sale, and he put his house in Edmonton up for sale in order to acquire the Texaco location. Stanley Motors opened its doors in 1957; a dealership selling Chrysler, Plymouth, Valiant, and Simca cars as well as Fargo trucks. Kaziechko also managed four mechanics and kept his business there for over 10 years. He later moved to Mannville opening a dealership along the old highway. In his retirement, he continues to keep busy, and continues to sell collectors cars. “Having been on the road a lot before, I liked to serve people the way I had been served. I was on the go all the time and provided good service to travellers. I have many keepsakes from my time in business. I enjoyed every bit of it!” said Kaziechko.

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