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Community Closet Donates Over $10,000

The Vermilion Community Closet made over $10,000 in donations split between a variety of local service groups, sports organizations, and charities.

The Vermilion Legion received $500 and the Poppy Fund $100, J.R. Robson Basketball team received $1,500, Mannville Historical Society received $500, VIBE received $2,500, Vermilion and Area Mental health received $1,000, and Vermilion Minor Hockey received $5,000. Santa Anonymous, the Vermilion Food Bank, and Haying in the 30’s were also among the recipients.

Mannville Historical Society said they were really appreciative and plan to purchase coffee urns with the donation. The Vermilion Minor Hockey Association said that they were really grateful and that the funds will be divided up to support all of the tournaments this year. VIBE was also thankful and said that their donation will go to support their mental health capacity programs this year. The J.R. Robson Basketball Team will be using theirs to support a Provincial Tournament in March.

Vermilion and Area Mental Health representative Darla Yonkman said, “We really appreciate the support so that we can bring in great speakers to assist with mental health in our community. This is our first donation; it’s exciting!”

Haying in the 30’s representative, Ted Etherington said, “Held annually every long weekend in August, volunteers work with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to support cancer patients. Last year $250,000 was raised!”

“I’m very happy to be helping the community and it’s enjoyable to work with all of the volunteer staff,” said Rose Hardy.

“Without the donations we wouldn’t be able to make these contributions,” added Mandy Poetzschke.

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