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Sweet Spot Hockey Stick Wax

Sweet Spot Hockey Stick Wax is a new company started last year by youth entrepreneur, 12-year-old, Cooper Saville.

Cooper has spent the past five years designing the products, and hand pours the special blend of locally produced, all natural beeswax mixed with all natural vegetable dyes and essential oils/fragrances. Flying off the shelves this hockey stick wax is in high demand, and clients near and far have said it is the best they have used. The product is said to be “not too hard and not too soft, the perfect amount of ‘sticky’ which allows for great puck control, and can extend the life of your tape job as well as help to prevent ice and snow build up on your blade.”

When asked what features he loves most about his product, Saville said, “The smells are amazing; I love them! And it’s all natural - I Love the beeswax as it’s the best for hockey stick wax.”

His parents helped him get started, and he is thankful to his mom for helping him to organize everything. He started out offering eight scents in four tins (two in each one) including Strawberry/Orange, Peppermint/Lemon, Grapefruit/Citrus, and Blueberry/Sweet Pea Vanilla. He has now added four more tins including Bubblegum/Cotton Candy, Watermelon Lemonade/Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry/Creamsicle, and Root Beer/Cappuccino, and looks forward to continuing to add a few more scents throughout the new year.

“I have always wanted to make a business, and I love hockey (especially the passing and scoring), so wanted to combine the two. I live, eat and breathe hockey! About 5 years ago, I wanted to start this, and it took this long to get everything organized. A lot of time was spent searching for the right wax, tins, scents, etc.

Finding the rectangular tins took a long time; we only found one place in Canada that sells them. Searching for a great bulk supplier of local beeswax took a while too. I asked a few cousins and they helped me find the natural vegetable dye and essential oils / fragrances. Melting and pouring wax without spilling is hard,” said Saville.

Cooper likes wearing clothing with his company name on it, and said his favourite parts of being a youth entrepreneur are making fun products and meeting a bunch of people who like his wax. He feels being located in Northeastern Alberta near Marwayne is a great area to market his product and said, “This is a hockey crazy area and there is a lot of hockey players around. We are close enough to bigger centres to get my wax into sports stores, etc.

Thanks to No Need To Nock and Kat Traks Car Wash in Marwayne, Factory Sports and Tom at the Multiplex in Lloydminster, and Snipe and Celly Pro Shop in Meadow Lake for taking a chance on me and selling my wax.”

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