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Snowmobile Drag Races

The Vermilion Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club hosted their 2nd Annual Snowmobile Drag Races by the SSRA at the Vermilion Airport on January 25 - 26. Racers from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan attended and enjoyed the two days of excitement. Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate (SSRA) ran the sanctioned races with classes for professionals and amateurs. The event was family friendly with racers of all ages. Vermilion Ridge Riders president, Warren Young said, “The adrenaline of racing and the different things people have done with modifications are interesting to see. The creativity and funds invested into snowmobile modifications is ridiculous!” He went on to thank the volunteers for their effort, and sponsors for their contributions. He also thanked Alberta Parks for donating a snowcat and the Town of Vermilion for the use of a grader.

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