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Ferbey Family Donation To The Grow The Ice Plant

The Vermilion Curling Club’s Grow The Ice Plant Fund Committee gathered to celebrate the Ferbey Family and thank them for their upcoming donation of 2020 harvest proceeds from 100 acres. Laurence Ferbey grew up in Vermilion and after completing his Grade 12 in 1961, he worked at the Vermilion Stadium pouring cement. His family continues to be involved in the community with his children and grandchildren having participated in skating and minor hockey. The Ferbey’s noted that Ken Farkash rents the land and plans to seed wheat. “We think that the stadium and curling rink are an integral part of our community and wanted to help maintain it and give back to the community in any way we can. The ice we have in the winter has been used by so many families and children through curling, youth curling, figure skating, and hockey. Hopefully many of the communities’ children will continue to participate, and we also hope to have a good summer and in turn a good crop,” said Laurence Ferbey. “In this economy it’s tight for a lot of people and if the ice plant goes down, and we lose that rink, we will lose a very vibrant part of our community because they will go elsewhere,” added Marion Ferbey. Members of the Grow The Ice Plant Fund Committee were very appreciative and Andrew McCrae said, “Thank you very much for your donation; we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. We are also very excited about the response from local agricultural dealers and chemical companies for being a part of this project. There will be an opportunity for individuals to contribute as well. A banner will be installed showing that people can donate $100 each representing one acre of land. This is an ideal location, and we hope to generate momentum in support of the Ice Plant.” “This will definitely bring together the community so it’s good,” added Dylan Baddock.

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