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Hardcastle's Store

Derwent was bustling with activity on March 16, as Hardcastle’s Store opened their doors for business at 106 -1a Avenue. The store offers a variety of services including postal services, grocery and convenience store items, as well as giftware. Looking forward to serving the community, owner Gladys Hardcastle said, “The need to re-establish our Canada Post services here initiated my decision to open this store. Now people from this area won’t have to keep travelling to Myrnam for their mail. Based on what we heard from the community, they are very happy to have the service available. I have tried to accommodate some of the needs of the community, and plan to do my best to bring in what people need. However I can help; it’s all about the community.” Customers shared their memories of the many uses of the building over years past. Hardcastle went on to say that she feels Derwent is a growing community and now that they have the services there, they hope to bring more people in. Community member, Donna McLeod said, “We are so thrilled. The convenience of not having to drive for little things and to have a place to have coffee or tea and meet the community is awesome! You meet new friends, and you can even play crib here if you want. Everyone that came in was appreciative because some of those people who were expected to drive on winter roads are 80 years old” “I believe there are amazing people in this community. This wouldn’t have been possible without the various community members who volunteered; the store wouldn’t be where it’s at without their help,” added Hardcastle. For more information or to make product requests, you can contact 780-614-5660.

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