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The Beaver: An Unconventional Car With A Unique Purpose

Rocky (left) and Mickey (right) with "The Beaver" car

“The Beaver” is not an average vehicle.

The ’98 Saturn SL-1, modified and driven by Rocky, has been a regular participant of a rally race called the Gambler 500 for three years this year. Gambler 500 originates in Oregon, started by Tate Morgan. Now, Gambler 500 events are held across North America. The main objectives of the rally are to bring the most outrageously decorated and modified “beater” vehicle, explore new areas, and be “aggressively courteous” at designated checkpoints by picking up litter.

“It’s kind of just a fun way to help the environment” summarizes Mickey, a self-proclaimed “professional passenger” in the amusingly audacious vehicle. As adventures in the car occur across North America, Rocky and Mickey add decorations to it; “It kind of just evolves as time goes on.” Mickey explains. Although adventures and Gambler 500 events are being put on hold due to COVID-19, The Beaver proudly parades around Vermilion.

Watch The Voice for updates on Rocky’s upcoming project, “Pluto”.

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