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Climb Thru Time Museum

Robin Hunter by the old train car. Photo Sue Chikie

The Climb Thru Time Museum is open for all to view the many settings. It is a renovated Grain Elevator in Paradise Valley located 50 km southwest of Lloydminster or 50 km northeast of Wainwright. It officially opened on July 24, 1995 and has a Tea and Dessert room but due to COVID-19 this part is closed, but the gift shop is still open. As you climb thru time the displays include just about anything you can think of from previous days gone by. Some of the many displays are artifacts and art depicting the start of agriculture in the area, for example there are nature displays, farm equipment, farm replicas, cattle displays, pig, chickens, horse racing, a hat display, sports, school rooms and even a sod house and much more. There is a separate building to tour which was the train station, having the last grain car loaded in 1987. Paradise Valley had a few tornadoes come through the area which destroyed a few of their grain elevators. Paradise Valley was given the name because of the rolling prairie, poplar and willow trees in the community. Visitors can check out the museum from Friday–Sunday between 12 to 5 p.m. and guided tours are also available.

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