• Reporter Lorna Hamilton

A Personal Best In Pumpkin Growing

Bill and Stephania Jacula with some of their pumpkins they have on display. Pumpkins from left, Big Moon, Dill Giant, garden, and a F1 Giant pumpkins. Photo submitted

Stephania and Bill Jacula are no strangers to the agricultural world as they farm just north of Vermilion. Stephania has had an interest in pumpkins for a while and has been growing all different brands for about 10 to 15 years. She enjoys bringing her pumpkins to the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fest but was unable to do so this year due to COVID, which was unfortunate because she reached a personal best in growing the Dill Giant pumpkin.

“This year was my personal best with my Dill Giant pumpkin as it weighs 285 pounds. If I had learned of the Pumpkin Fest in Lloydminster early enough I would have taken this one there,” commented Stephania.

According to Jacula, she started the seed process in April and by October 4 she had harvested the pumpkins. She also planted F1 Giant, Big Moon, regular garden pumpk