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Burnt Rock Adventure Co. Holds Demo Day

From left, Aaron Hayman and Toland Cochrane, owners of Burnt Rock Adventure Co. with some of the canoes they had available for their demonstration day. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Owners Toland Cochrane and Aaron Hayman were busy setting up and holding a paddle sports demo day at the boat docks in the Vermilion Provincial Park on Saturday, July 9, under the utmost beautiful sunny skies and perfectly warm weather conditions.

The purpose of the demo was to provide potential customers the opportunity to try out some of the canoes, kayaks and paddle boards the store carries before buying.

“All of the paddle sports products are different and they handle differently so doing a day like today gives people the opportunity to try out the different products we carry before buying to see which they feel more comfortable using,” explained Cochrane.

Some of the products available to try were hardshell kayaks and canoes from Old Town Canoe which have been shaping adventures since 1898. These canoes and kayaks can be used for fishing and hunting or just enjoying a day paddling on the open water. The Old Town Kayaks and Canoes are recognized as the world’s most advanced recreational kayaks that feature a redesigned hull for better glide and tracking.

They had canoes from Hellman Canoes which are custom built in the Kootenays and are said to have guaranteed workmanship. Most Hellman Canoes are produced in Duralite, Kevlar, or Duratuff. The Duralite is constructed of special synthetic composite cloth combined with tough flexible epoxy resin, while the Kevlar is a strong and lightweight synthetic cloth that is used in bulletproof vests, and the Duratuff is built with a five-layer laminate designed to take a real beating.

Inflatable kayaks from Auaglideand Level Six and Kahuna inflatable paddleboards were also on hand so attendees could give them a try.

Attendees had the opportunity to support the Lakeland Rowing Club by making a donation at the event.

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