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Celebrating Ten Years

David and Marty McSorley. Photo Submitted

David Rein is grateful for his time working at Vermilion’s Tim Hortons, “I have learned great skill sets at my workplace over the time I have been there, such as communication skills, math skills and skills in serving the community”, and if you have ever had the pleasure of having Rein serve you your Timmy’s you have seen those skills in action.

Celebrating ten years of employment with the Vermilion Store this week, he is the only original staff member from the store’s opening on November 26, 2011.

“Over the years I have learned how to be a good teammate and leader and to be there for the other staff no matter what the circumstances, it is a great place to work,” says Rein. “I find a career here very rewarding, and I find joy in doing a job well done. I am thankful for the community support, for the staff I work with and I am thankful for the opportunity my boss has given me to work at the best fast food restaurant in Vermilion”.

Rein has had a few memorable events over the years, including creating a 2016 Ripley’s Believe it or not project of the largest coffee cup made from gift cards. He collected and glued together enough cards to create a 6 foot 4 inch 200 lb coffee cup. It is now housed in the Ripley’s museum in Cavendish PEI.

In 2016, Rein was not only the Employee of the Year in Vermilion, but also won a Playstation 4 from Tim Hortons corporate office for a short writing about ‘what good customer service is, both accolades he is very proud of.

His two favourite highlights however were meeting and serving former Edmonton Oiler Marty McSorley and Guitarist Zakk Wylde when he was on tour with his band Black Label Society. He gets quite animated when those events come up in conversation.

When asked about his favourite Timmy’s campaign, he very quickly smiles and states, “smile cookies, because they work, they always make someone smile.” He also loves the challenge of upselling, and works on mastering that skill every shift. If you need a Timmy’s this coming Friday, David is working from 12:30 until 4 pm and would love to say hi

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