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Clip The Wings Off COVID

Photo of the staged plane crash to represent Clip the Wings off COVID at StudeBaker Industries. Photo submitted

Ryan Baker owner of StudeBaker Industries Ltd. from Mannville is holding what they call a static display message and campaign to support small business, support local and to support your community during the pandemic.

“The message behind the staged plane crash is “Clip the Wings off COVID- support local, support small business, support your community. 

The reality is that this virus with a 90+ per cent survival rate has been given too much control over our lives as a society. It is “flying too high”, let’s work together and “clip it’s wings” and bring it back to the what it actually is, It is a virus, one that will have fatalities, like most of them do. Not everyone will be a survivor, but not everyone will be a victim either,” stated Baker

Baker also went on to say the while we absolutely do need to take precautions he does not feel that the level of precautions the government is taking makes any sense.

“It is acceptable to be on an airplane where passengers are within 8 feet of each other and breathe recycled air, but our local restaurants are forced to close where patrons can enjoy more than 12 feet between each other and fresh air while also 45 minutes down the road, life goes on,” said Baker

Baker also went on to explain that with any fictional story, consistency is the first thing to fail and that he feels this COVID story is not consistent.

“This is killing private enterprise, making it very hard for small towns, not just the businesses, but also the communities that they are a part of. The ripple effect will be devastating. How many will not be able to recover? Our small town voices need to be heard!” said Baker.


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