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Derwent Raffle

Derwent Ag Society is an organization that is run by volunteers from the community. This year they are doing a fundraiser to repair the Derwent Hall roof and update the building, which was built in 1965.

The raffle includes a $30,000 1st prize, $10,000 2nd prize, and $5,000 3rd prize. The draw date is December 31, 2020. 1,999 tickets were printed for this raffle, giving a one in 666 chance of winning assuming all the tickets get sold. “It is a better chance than winning the lotto,” joked Derwent Ag Society Member, Connie Mackney.

Although the COVID regulations are tightening up, Mackney is hoping that the regulations lift by February 2021 in order for the Derwent Ag Society to host their annual Cabin Fever Dance, that Mackney introduced four years ago, involves a lunch, gathering, dance, and live band.

Raffle sign. Photo submitted


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