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Dewberry Hall Fundraiser

The Dewberry Hall Society started a fundraiser last month selling floor tiles to cover the cost of the Hall’s operating expenses. Due to COVID-19, the Hall is unable to host events such as funerals, weddings, a fall supper, Christmas craft sale, New Year’s Eve dance, dinner theatre, and a variety of other community events that would normally bring in the revenue needed.

The other factor that plays into the Dewberry’s Hall struggle is the reduction in oilfield activity, it directly affects the campground income.

“The main floor area has been divided into nine blocks with 361 tiles in each block. We are selling each tile for $30, but if you purchase three more tiles the cost then will only be $25 each. Each tile purchased in the block will be entered in a draw for $500. The more tiles you purchase, the better your chances are to win $500,” stated Board president, Rick Rewuski.

The Hall has an outstanding loan of $169,860. If each tile in a block is sold at $25, it will generate a total income of $9,025 (after the $500 draw amount). If all nine blocks are sold, a net total of $76,725 will have been earned. All proceeds from the tiles are for debit retirement.

So far, 42 tiles at $25 each and one tile at $30 have been sold. Giving a total of $1,080 earned so far!

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