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New Town Council Sworn In

From Left; Councillor Joshua Rayment, Councillor Robert Snow, Councillor Kevin Martin, Mayor Greg Throndson, Councillor Paul Conlon, Councillor Robert Pulyk, Councillor Kirby Whitlock. Photo Dawn Riley

Vermilion’s new Council members had their organizational meeting on Tuesday October 26, which included some basic housekeeping duties to get their four year tenures started. After each Councillor stated their Oath of Office, incoming Mayor Greg Throndson gave his first address.

In his address, Throndson acknowledged the honour it is to accept the position of Mayor, and the privilege it is to be a part of the Town of Vermilion. He referred to the excellent building blocks that previous councils have constructed for them. He stated that the council will support local businesses, sports and be part of all the great events that occur in the community.

“Let the hard work, great debates and fun times begin.” stated Throndson.

The Council’s first regular meeting was Tuesday November 2 at 7 p.m. You can now attend them in person at the Town office or view it on the Town’s YouTube channel.

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