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PPC Leader Maxime Bernier in Vermilion

Maxime Bernier listening to questions from the indviduals attending the event. Photo Amr Rezk

With an introduction from Lakeland’s constituency candidate Ann McCormack, People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Leader Maxime Bernier spoke to roughly 150 people Sunday afternoon at the Vermilion Elk’s Hall.

Vermilion was one of four stops that Bernier made in the Lakeland riding, speaking to supporters for roughly 40 minutes before taking questions from the audience.

“We’re here because our freedoms are dwindling,” said candidate McCormack.

Promising that the PPC would, “do politics differently” and that the party has faith in the Canadian public to, “make their own decisions”, Bernier highlighted the party’s strong belief in freedom of choice and informed consent for Canadians.

“There is a current deficit of $354 billion, the biggest one in our history. We have to be fiscally responsible. To balance the budget we have to make cuts.” said Bernier. He also said they would abolish the CRTC, that the PPC is promoting pipelines in Canada, and would repeal all recent gun legislation.

Focusing on how the PPC can support the Western provinces with their guiding principles, Bernier highlighted the PPC’s philosophy that their candidates have a duty to fight for what they believe in. He emphasized that PPC candidates fully support the party’s platform despite having a variety of backgrounds.

Bernier also encouraged supporters not to vote against something but to vote, “for their values.” He pointed out that the PPC has stayed true to the platform they had in the 2019 federal election and will continue to have after voting takes place next week.

“I believe we have more and more support every day, and I want to thank you,” said Bernier.

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