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Seppala Siberians Ready And Waiting To Race

Seppala Siberian Sleddog. Photo submitted

Dale Swan was glad that the turbulent weather the area had been experiencing settled down a little so that he and his team of Seppala Huskies could try something new this year. Dogsled racing for 15 years now, Swan and his team were ready to partake in the 4th Annual Tom Ouellette Memorial Sled Dog Races put on by the Meadow Lake Sled Dog Club the weekend of February 11.

Postponed until March 5 and 6 due to trail conditions, the event is having a 5 dogs Trapper Race, something Swan had not attempted yet. This race begins with the dogs not being harnessed, and then after hooking the team up, the first goal is to reach the ‘line’ (100 yards) to win $1000, then race to the five-mile mark.

Swan, first introduced by the Voice in March of 2020, continues to raise and train his Seppala Huskies himself, at present he has a team of seven dogs, all of which race. Through his company Seppala Siberian Tours just outside of Kitscoty, he continues to educate students and groups in the area about this unique breed of dog and the sport of dog sledding.

To contact Swan and book a tour or session, call 780-872-3575 or visit the Facebook page at

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