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The Ice Plant Has Arrived

Coming down the road. Photo Dawn Riley

It was a slow-moving journey, taking many months to accomplish. On August 5, one of the final steps in the construction of a new ice plant for the Vermilion Stadium and Arena happened. The actual “ice plant” arrived in Vermilion. Taking roughly 8.5 hours to get to town, the plant left Edmonton around 3 a.m. and arrived in Vermilion at noon. Under hot, 28 degree skies, Mammoet Crane Service workers quickly took to placing the plant in its new home on the North Side of the building. By 12:50 p.m. the plant was unloaded, moved and settled onto the freshly poured cement pad it will now call home. Kevin Lucas, Director of Community Services for the Town of Vermilion was very excited about the delivery of the plant, and was one of many people who eagerly waited for its arrival.

“A great day for Vermilion ice users! Words cannot capture the commitment made by the Town of Vermilion and the County of Vermilion River councils. This support combined with individual and group donations has brought the ice plant project to the final stages. So proud!” said Lucas.

Inside the plant. Photo Dawn Riley

Caroline McAuley, Mayor for the Town of Vermilion was delighted with the arrival of the new Ice Plant and commented that it was a very exciting day for Vermilion and for everyone who has worked so hard to make the new ice plant a reality.

“We will have ice!!! Today is a very exciting day as we bring our new ice plant into Vermilion! With all things going smoothly we plan to see this running the stadium, arena and curling rink by September. This has been a real community partnership with the town, county, and many user groups, community organizations and individuals pulling together to make this happen, in true Vermilion style,” exclaimed Mayor McAuley.

Mayor McAuley also stated that the previous 60-year-old ice plant was a hazard as it reached the end of its life and that the new ice plant will leave less of a carbon footprint.

“The new plant will be safer, more efficient and cost-effective. It will use less water, power and ammonia and sits outside of the current facility. This has been a $2 million investment for our town and it was a long couple of years getting there but it will be very beneficial to all of us” said Mayor McAuley.

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