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This Is Hearts And Hands

March 2024…I THINK spring is here...Kinda hard to tell after our strange and warmer-than-usual winter, but the timing is right...and the time change happened!  

The 2023-24 winter coat and winter wear event saw 191 people being served, and a good number of all items for start up again this fall. We went from October 2 last year to the second week of January this year. Donations were tremendous. Thanks to Kirby (Christina's Home Furnishings) for the use of space for setup and storage...couldn’t do it without your support.

Our next event will be a Family Concert on Saturday, April 6th in the Masonic Hall on the corner of 49 Street and 50th Avenue across from ATCO. By request, SHANE THOMAS will be performing songs of the Wiggles, and voices of several cartoon characters from 1 – 2 p.m. approximately followed by a short break and his Elvis Impersonation from 2:15 til he runs out of energy. Snacks, juice, and water will be provided. Cash or other donations will be accepted (if you are able]), and proceeds will be given to Hearts and Hands. Last fall, although the turnout was small, it was a great success and a lot of fun for all who attended.

Times and the economy continue to be challenging for many people. Here are a few hints to help out. Income taxes need to be done to receive GST, Child tax, and other government benefits. The Library is offering support in this area, and H&R Block may also be able to provide reduced-cost assistance in some cases. There are also Seniors Days every 1st Wednesday of the month at The Bargain Store, every Thursday at Shoppers Drug Mart, and the 1st Tuesday of every month, Co-op has a scratch and Save for everyone. Shoppers Drugs also has milk regularly at the lowest cost, as well as sugar about once a month. The Bargain Store has lower-cost bread. Purchase only sale items, and buy in bulk. Find ways to make food stretch. Some examples are to substitute e.g. 1/4c. unsweetened applesauce for 1 egg in baking if you have no eggs.  Cut small pieces of meat into thin strips and make a stir fry by adding whatever is available ...veggies, rice, potatoes, or pasta. The meat flavour will flavour the other ingredients. Purchase heavy cream close to the BB date when the price is reduced. Pour into a lidded jar and shake until Butter is formed. Pour off the buttermilk to use for pancakes, biscuits, or other baking. Squeeze the butter then add 1/2 tsp. salt (or to taste). It can be cheaper than buying margarine or butter and the whole family can take part in prep. Watch the apple trees along Railway Ave in late summer. Last year they were bountiful, free for the picking, large to medium in size, and good for both cooking and eating. If you need help budgeting your food or how to make economical meals, call a friend, ask a neighbour, or give us a call.

Hearts and Hands provide food, personal and cleaning items, can openers, small household needs, etc. for those experiencing a crisis or emergency situation. We can also provide information to clients to other agencies for further services or their local food bank to better meet their needs. There are no pickups. Drivers do deliveries. Our service area is Vermilion, Dewberry, Islay, Clandonald, Derwent, Minburn, and South to 618. 

We are not always able to fill all the client’s wants and needs, but we give what we can.  We can be reached by phone ONLY @ 780581-0521

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