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Vermilion Quilt Guild Donates

Over the past week, Barb Knauft from the Vermilion Quilt Guild donated funds remaining from their Pillowcase Project to three local organizations.

“We raised $8,100 during the Pillowcase Campaign; we used $4,500 of that money to fill the pillowcases, and we decided to donate any unused funds to facilities with recreation departments,” said Knauft. “The amount donated to each organization was based on their resident counts, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from all the locations.”

A cheque for $1,130.64 was presented to Allison Betz for the Friends of Vermilion Health Care.

“I would like to send out a huge thank you to the Vermilion Quilt Guild on behalf of the Friends of Vermilion Health Care for the donation they gave to us for the Long Term Care recreation department for the residents,” said Alison Betz.

Alison Betz (right) representing Friends of Vermilion Health Care receiving a cheque for $1,250 from Barb Knauft on behalf of the Vermilion Quilt Guild. Photo Braxton Hoare

Knauft presented a cheque to the Vermilion Valley Lodge for $2,520.39 to help the recreation department.

“On behalf of the Vermilion Valley Lodge Residents and Management, we would like to sincerely thank the Quilters Guild for their very generous monetary donation as well as Christmas gifts to all residents. In addition, a great big thank you to the local Sheriffs for partnering with the Quilters Guild on the Christmas gift project and delivery to our residents. This monetary donation will be used in the Recreation Department to further enhance our community inclusion initiatives. Thank you again!” commented Carrie Kohlruss, CAO of Vermilion Valley Lodge.

Carrie Kohlruss, CAO and Brittany Lysons, Recreation Director of the Vermilion Valley Lodge receiving a cheque from Barb Knauft on behalf of the Vermilion Quilt Guild. Photos submitted

She also presented Vermilion FOCUS with a cheque for $447.50 for their recreation department.

“We are so grateful to the Guild for the donation and the Christmas gifts they provided for our individuals. The individuals loved the pillowcases, and the monetary donation received will be put towards items that help enrich the lives of our individuals such as games, life skill items, and for the outreach centre,” commented executive director Rob Snow.

Executive Director Rob Snow of FOCUS Vermilion receiving a cheque from Barb Knauft on behalf of the Vermilion Quilt Guild.

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