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Wetland Explorers Dive Into Aquatic Wonders

Rosey Radmanovich, the Planning Coordinator of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance demonstating how pollution enters watersheds. Photo Lorna Hamilton

In a display of collaboration between educational and environmental organizations, young minds embarked on a journey of exploration at the Vermilion Provincial Park Trout Pond on August 2. The Vermilion Public Library, in conjunction with the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance, the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, and ALUS (Alternative Land Use Services) Vermilion River orchestrated an event titled “Wetland Explorers – Buggin’ out By the Trout Pond,” designed exclusively for children aged 5 to 12.

Under the sunny skies and warm temperatures, the day began with Program Coordinator Sheila Heit, from the Vermilion Public Library, reading storyboards that captivated the young audience with a tale that revolved around the art of uncovering nature’s hidden gems.

The children’s attention shifted to a demonstration orchestrated by Rosey Radmanovich, the Planning Coordinator of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. With passion and expertise, Radmanovich showed the children the intricate concept of watersheds, shedding light on the impact of human activities on the delicate balance of these aquatic lifelines. Attendees were amazed by the realization that their actions could significantly influence the health of waterways, such as the Vermilion River.

The children eagerly gathered around volunteer Rick Passer. His patient guidance enabled them to partake in the exhilarating net dipping experience, where he delved into the waters of the Trout Pond to discover an amazing array of water insects. Their faces lit up with awe and excitement as they had the opportunity to see in real life the many aquatic insects that reside in the pond.

The planned events were interrupted for a few minutes when a double-crested Cormorant unexpectantly wandered up to the Trout Pond and displayed her wing-spreading drying technique.

Sheila expressed her gratitude for the partnerships that culminated in this educational event.

Esteemed guests Rosey Radmanovich from the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and Chris Elder representing the County of Vermilion ALUS program lent their wisdom to the event, as well as volunteer Rick Passer who is also associated with the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance.

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