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Women’s Night At The Shooting Range

Participants at the rifle and shotgun stations. Photos Dawn Riley

The Vermilion Gun Club held their second Women’s Night of the season on Tuesday, September 28 with an excellent turnout of 26 participants. Organizer Doreen McRobert was very pleased with the number of ladies who came to learn, eat, visit, and relax on what was another beautiful fall evening. Participants were able to try several stations set up with the opportunity to learn to fire handguns, revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, 22 rifles, shotguns, and a slightly higher powered 22-250 rifle. Each station was manned with a range officer, which was a gun club member trained to give proper firearm handling instructions and guidance, as well as answer any questions people may have had about the firearms. Due to the success of the two nights this fall, the club will be incorporating Women’s evenings into the programming next May, and organizers look forward to welcoming new enthusiasts. McRobert would like to thank Rona Hardware and the Vermilion Gun Club members for sponsoring the evenings and volunteering their time to help out.

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