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Stubbs Urges Support For Pipelines

Lakeland Constituency MP, Shannon Stubbs.Photo submitted

Shannon Stubbs, Conservative MP for Lakeland Constituency, is urging Canadians to learn more about Canadian energy struggles, and to champion Canadian energy within Canada and around the world.

According to Stubbs the Trans Mountain pipeline has hit more roadblocks by the BC NDP even though it has been approved by the federal Liberals. Stubbs recently put forth a motion for the Liberals to table a clear plan on what they would do to ensure the Trans Mountain Expansion Project gets built, but it was later voted against by every Liberal member.

“It’s been alarming to see the Prime Minister missing in action and sitting on his hands while the BC NDP try to kill the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, consequently causing an inter-provincial trade dispute and conflict which has been a direct failure in his leadership,” said Stubbs.

When asked how breaking ground on the Trans Mountain pipeline project will affect the people in the Lakeland Constituency, Stubbs responded by saying, “The number one way that pipelines impact residents and oil and gas workers in Lakeland is because improving pipeline capacity is imperative for the long term sustainability of oil and gas production right across Canada. Along with agriculture, it is the lifeblood of communities in Lakeland, and right across Alberta and the prairies which provide benefits to the entire country through revenue that goes to multiple levels of government and is shared right across the country.”

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project is estimated to bring $19 billion to Alberta.

According to Stubbs, the situation for Canada right now is “acute” because the US continues to be Canada’s number one energy customer - importing 99 per cent of Canadian oil and gas. In addition the US has removed their 40-year export ban on crude oil and are ramping up exports, as well as their recent hike of shale oil development which will assist them in becoming Canada’s number one competitor to the world market.

Another hiccup that Stubbs noted was the new Liberal legislation that removed standing tests from pipeline, mining or liquid natural gas projects; meaning that interveners wishing to oppose projects in Canadian jurisdiction on Canadian soil could be anyone from anywhere in the world. Stubbs fears that they could be considered just as important as Canadians who may be impacted communities or first nations, and that it provides uncertainty and unpredictability for energy investors.

“The International Energy Agency predicts that the USA will become a supplier of 80 per cent of the world market over the next 20 years. More energy investments have left Canada in the past two years than any other two year period in seventy years.

Energy is the number one private sector investor in the Canadian economy. Worldwide demand will continue to grow exponentially in upcoming years, and governments should be expressing how important pipelines are as critical economic infrastructure and championing Canadian energy the world stage,” said Stubbs.

According to Stubbs, Worley Parsons conducted a worldwide study in 2014 naming Canada number one as environmentally and socially responsible for their energy production. She went on to say that hundreds, and in some provinces, thousands of business do business directly with the oil sands.

“If pipelines continue to get stalled to the point where proponents abandon the project, it will have a negative impact on communities and on jobs in other parts of the country too. It’s important to put pressure on elected representatives and champion Canadian energy not only across the country, but around the world,” said Stubbs.

Stubbs suggests that Lakeland constituents to talk with business contacts, family or friends in other Liberal and NDP ridings, explaining the benefits of the energy sector and what projects like the Trans Mountain Expansion Project can do not just for a community through investment in infrastructure, or charity, but to enhance the well being of all of Canada, so that they can in turn contact their MPs.

Another option for Lakeland constituents would be to visit to sign the Keep Canada Working petition.

“All Canadians should be proud of their track record, standards, and performance in the energy sector - doing literally the best work in the world. Energy companies invest in charities and projects surrounding quality of life. Revenue generated from their work provides jobs in other sectors, and lifts the standard of living of every community in Canada,” said Stubbs.

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