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Highland Dance - Spring Fling

From left, Alex Polishuk, Katie Zorn, and Cameron Campbell performed at Spring Fling in Vermilion on March 25. Photo Angela Mouly

Shining in Scottish style, dancers filled the stage at Lakeland College Alumni Theatre in Vermilion, as the Mannville Vermilion Highland Dance Association held their Spring Fling on March 25.

According to President, Nicole Poilshuk, dancers aged three – adult took part in the last big showcase, with older groups continuing to take part in a festival later this year. Polishuk said that dancers in this club range greatly with some dancing just for fun, and others testing or being as competitive as they want. Polishuk also noted that the association has grown significantly this year, and shows lots of potential to continue growth over the next few years.

Audience members filled the theatre with applause as dancers performed traditional Scottish dances such as the Sword Dance, the Lilt, and the Mass Fling, as well as choreography to modern music.

“Highland dancing shows pretty amazing progression from beginners learning the basics to doing full traditional dances after four years. Most of the traditional dances have really neat stories behind them. For instance, the Sword Dance was a dance done by the ladies as the men went off into battle. The mystery was that if they didn’t touch their swords while they danced, the battle would be won the next day,” said Polishuk.

Other recognizable dances throughout the afternoon included the Broadsword, the Blue Bonnet, and the Scotch Measure. Dancers smiled throughout their performances and showcased their love of dance.

“The association would like to thank the community and the families for their participation and support. We have an amazing set of parents who are wonderful volunteers. They always step forward to make all of our events incredible, and the club work as a whole,” said Polishuk.

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